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HIPPEX Equine Semen Extender - Fresh - D2

HIPPEX Equine Semen Extender - Fresh - D2

HIPPEX semen extender is supplied as a powder in small plastic jars to prepare 250 ml extender medium. In addition, new packings will be introduced in 2019 (see below).

NEW: Hippex is also available in brown PET-flasks for making directly 250 ml extender by adding water immediately into the bottle and therefore avoiding the transfer of the HIPPEX powder into another recipient.


Also available: buckets with 4.5 kg HIPPEX powder.


The supply of powder has several advantages over the supply of (frozen) liquid medium. 

  • Preparation of extender medium is easy and quick: HIPPEX powder has been micronized whereby the powder dissolves easily in warm water without lump formation. 
  • Powder can easily and less expensively be shipped in (cooled) boxes all over the world.
  • Powder remains of high quality for over a year when kept in a refrigerator or freezer.
  • Powder offers the possibility to prepare just the amount of extender needed.

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